Understanding the Importance of the Printed Circuit Board

The printed circuit board has turned out to be the most important piece of technology ever invented. Without it, there won’t be any high-end home appliances like flat-screen LED TVs and mobile phones that are so thin yet feature so many capabilities. The list goes on. However, people who are not familiar with the term might start asking ‘what exactly is a printed circuit board?’

Printed Circuit Board 300x160 Understanding the Importance of the Printed Circuit BoardAlso known as the PCB, this tiny piece of equipment connects the different pathways through which electricity runs in a certain piece of technology. It helps keep an electronic device from short-circuiting due to sudden bursts of electrical energy. It can almost be likened to the heart in the human body that regulates blood flow through all the major blood vessels and into smaller nerves. Aside from acting as the input-output mediator for electricity, the PCB also has other functions, such as:

  •   Being a conduit for heat transfer
  •   Being a shield for the electromagnetic field of the device

Given its widespread use, it’s no wonder that a lot of people have added assembling a printed circuit board into their list of hobbies. It is easier to become a PCB hobbyist now as compared to when the PCB first came in the late 1900’s. This is because the different parts and components that make up a PCB can now be bought from just about any electronics shop in the country.

These are often sold at affordable prices due to the fact that PCB technology changes almost by the minute or whenever a technology firm decides to introduce newer and more multi-functional versions. The tools need for attaching the different components onto the PCB can also be purchased from the same stores.

The printed circuit board also contains a blueprint on its surface. The blueprint matches the drawings on a schematic diagram that is often provided along with the PCB. This makes the process of attaching the components onto the PCB quite easy to do. The hobbyist would only have to look for the right component that fits the shape on the diagram, look for its corresponding place on the blueprint, and then attach it accordingly onto the PCB.

There are two ways of attaching the components:

  1. By soldering the metal caps of each component onto the solder pads located on the surface of the PCB. This is known as SMT or Surface Mount Technology.
  2. By sticking pins onto various holes on the components straight through to the upper portion of the PCB. The tips of the pins are then soldered onto lead or gold-plated solder pads on the other side of the PCB. This is referred to as PTH or Plated Through Hole technology.

Some hobbyists also use a combination of these two processes when attaching various big and small components onto a PCB. This is a common practice even with full-time gadget manufacturers because the components are more secure and aren’t at risk of coming loose at any time. This is referred to as the mixed SMT-PTH technology.

After all the components are soldered onto the printed circuit board, it should then be placed onto a soldering machine to ensure that all have been securely attached. Once this is done, the hobbyist would then have to test his fully-assembled PCB under meticulous processes that would determine if there are any defects that could cause the PCB not to function well.

This is usually determined through the use of a volt tester that determines the PCB’s resistance level. The tests also involve checking to see if any of the components have been soldered in way too tight or too loose. All in all, while the processes seem complicated, they’re actually rather straightforward – that’s why PCBs have become a very important part of modern technology.

Custom Lanyards Styles and Choices

Having a lanyard has become a necessity nowadays. People use lanyards for many purposes such as for carrying school or office IDs, for event uses, or even as promotional giveaways. If you are pondering on having your lanyards personalized, there are a lot of styles that you can choose from. The five most common custom lanyards choices are as follows:

1. Nylon Lanyards

If you would like your custom lanyards to be greatly visible, you should opt to have them in nylon. The material used in nylon lanyards are shinier, which makes the text or image printed on the lanyard appear clearer. This feature of nylon lanyards makes them the best choice for events being held in night time because it allows the lanyard to stand out despite the lack of light. Combined with bright colors, lanyards made of nylon will definitely stand out in the crowd. The lanyard which are made with nylon are available in wholesalelanyards.com.

Custom Lanyards Custom Lanyards Styles and ChoicesAnother reason why nylon is preferred by many is because it is thicker than most materials and thus, it is very durable. The strength of a lanyard is very important because there will be different things or items which will be attached to it when worn by a person. For instance, a nylon lanyard will be very befitting for holding gadgets or electronic devices because it can accommodate the heavy weight. Also, sets of keys, when attached to lanyards, can be quite heavy – that is why store owners and security guards sometimes opt for nylon material when having their lanyards customized.

2. Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are very popular among businessmen and companies because of their professional and sophisticated designs. A tubular lanyard is made with tubed-stitched polyester twill fabric and is carefully crafted to give off an elegant look. Although made cautiously, you would be delighted to know that this style does not cost a lot. Considered to be economical, tubular custom lanyards are affordable and very cost-efficient.

Tubular lanyards are also used in schools and during promotional events.

3. Polyester Lanyards

The most usual material and style for custom lanyards is polyester. Polyester lanyards can accommodate not just text but also logos and other images. If you would like to avoid having the material crack or wear off, you should go for polyester because the colors do not easily rub off. This feature makes such cords a top choice for lifeguards and active sports enthusiasts who are often exposed to heat, moisture, and other elements which can normally lead to a lanyard’s breakage.

Polyester lanyards are also chosen by many because they are not expensive but are definitely durable. If you are looking for a lanyard material that will surpass the test of time, you may want to go for polyester.

4. Woven Lanyards

If your lanyards primarily contain text such as your company name or your high school batch, it is recommended that you opt for woven material. Woven lanyards are made of strong polyester material which makes them very durable. With this kind of material, you can be assured that your ID or electronic gadget will not easily be detached from your lanyard because of its heavy weight. With your woven lanyards and its equally durable attachments, you will be at ease, knowing that your items are safely latched.

Furthermore, woven lanyards are preferred because of their elegant look. Compared to simple polyester lanyards, woven lanyards require that the texts are weaved with thread. Although beautifully made, these kinds of lanyards do not accommodate complex designs or lettering. Thus, you may want to keep your text simple when using woven material.

5. Cord Lanyards

Just like woven lanyards, cord lanyards are best for texts only. The reason, however, is not the same between the two. In woven lanyards, the process makes it difficult to add intricate letterings, while in cord lanyards, the material itself hinders adding images or logos.

These kinds of lanyards are in round cord style and are crafted from braided polyester. With a width of only ¼”, it would be very difficult to put on complicated designs. However, the upside of having cord custom lanyards is that they’re very comfortable and easy to wear.

Simply put, not all cords are created equal and so, there’s definitely a need to think thoroughly become making a pick.

One of the Oldest Military Traditions: The Military Challenge Coin Game

Military custom coins, also known as military challenge coins, are customized symbolic coins which are usually used to give awards and recognitions to a soldier or military unit. Almost all branches in the military have their own custom coins. Organizations outside the military, like the police and fire departments, are also known to have the custom coins.

Military challenge coins One of the Oldest Military Traditions: The Military Challenge Coin GameMilitary challenge coins are known not only as symbols of award but also as symbols to boost any coin bearer’s morale and pride. These coins are also used to help easily identify a soldier as well as the unit where he or she came from. Almost all soldiers and military coin bearers have a long tradition of carrying their military custom coins at all times, anywhere they are. This custom is still practiced up to know not only because it is a long time tradition but since it is associated with the use of military coins too.

Carrying a military coin at all times is a long time military tradition in the United States Army which cannot be broken. All members of the military (or the coin bearers) are required to bring them. Another big reason why coin bearers and soldiers always have their military coins with them at all times is the Military Challenge Coin Game.

How to Initiate the Military Challenge Coin Game

The Military Challenge Coin Game can be made anywhere, at any time of the day: in a bar, in a restaurant or in a military field. For the game to start, any member of the military unit must initiate the game first. Once someone already initiated the game, then, the challenger must hold up his military custom coin for everyone to see and say that a military coin check-up will commerce.

How to Play the Military Challenge Coin Game

All military members present during the initiation of the Military Challenge Coin Game must participate. Once the signal has been made, each soldier must take a step and locate his or her own military challenge coin. If a member cannot locate or reach his or her military challenge coin, then, that person would need to bear the punishments of the game.

The Game Punishment: Round of Drinks

Any person who will not be able to locate nor reach for his or her own military challenge coin would need to buy a round of drinks for the challenger and all the members of the unit who were able to successfully show their military challenge coin. This round of drinks can be any alcoholic drinks or beverages that the winners want.

In the event that all members of the unit were able to draw and show their military challenge coins at the initiation of the game, then, the person who initiated the game (the challenger) would need to buy a round of drinks for all the members of the unit.

The main goal of the game is to have someone to buy a round of drinks to any member of the unit. If someone do not want to participate in the game or do not want to follow the rules of the game would need to bear the punishments.

Other Punishment of the Military Challenge Coin Game

Any coin bearer or member of the military unit who refuses to participate in the Military Challenge Coin Game must buy a round of drinks (of any choice of the winners) for all the game participants.

If the person who cannot show or reach his or her military challenge coin refuses to do the punishment of buying a round of drinks for all the winning coin bearers, then, he or she would need to bear the consequences. Excommunication is one of the most common sanctions. However, there are also some cases where the soldier would need to hand over his or her military challenge coin too.

Keynote Speaking as a Career

Public speaking has become one of the most appealing professions in our world today. People have this notion that public speakers are paid to speak which in a way, they are. However, before you begin your career in public speaking, you need to understand that there are two very different categories in the public speaking business. They are platform speaking and keynote speaking.

Platform speakers are those who hold sessions and talks to promote or sell something – stocks, registration for another upcoming event, an expensive coaching program or a set of DVDs. One way or another, they try to make money at every talk or entice the audience to buy. This kind of speakers composes about 90 percent of the total population of public speakers. They earn hundreds of thousand every year. They are paid to sell something.

Keynote speakers, on the other hand, compose the remaining ten percent of the population. They are paid to deliver the core message of the event. They do not sell anything, except maybe promote their own books at the end of the talk. However, their main purpose is to make the audience listen and focus to what they are saying, in order for the message to hit home. Keynote speakers earn thousands of dollars per year, too. However, they do not earn as much as platform speakers do.

Platform speaking is indeed a great opportunity to earn money. Platform speakers convince their listening audience that they need something or that whatever they are selling is worth the money paid. It is just another marketing strategy which turns out to be very effective.

Motivation Keynote Speaking as a CareerCompared to platform speaking, keynote speaking is the career which is more rewarding. Here, keynote speakers are expected to inculcate in the minds of their listening audience that they can make a difference, initiate change and become better people. They have the ability to convince their listening public to believe and have faith in the things that they are sharing with them. Other than being paid for their ability to deliver a message, they are also paid to drive attendees. Keynote speakers who are successful in this profession can get people to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles just to hear them talk.

Why choose keynote speaking over platform speaking? Platform speaking is quite monotonous. Its speakers are always marketing new products or events. Here, you are praised and complimented because of your marketing skills, which are part and parcel of your public speaking abilities. Moreover, there are no concrete barriers in entering platform speaking. As long as you know how to sell and are good at it, you are in. However, in keynote speaking, there is always a mysterious effect. Keynote speakers have something in them that amazes their listening public. Many are even surprised at how they can really make a living through public speaking. It is quite difficult to become a keynote speaker. You do not only need guts, you also need to be good in crafting your material and delivering it. Moreover, it is unconventional in nature. This makes it very alluring to the people who are not familiar with it.

Keynote speaking is a self-gratifying career. You do not only get to help individuals and organizations achieve their respective goals and objectives; you get to inspire them too. A keynote speaker motivates its audience that they can change from nobody to somebody. It is mostly done by sharing his personal experiences that have made him become who he is today.

Indeed, keynote speaking is a difficult career to pursue; yet it is the easiest to stay in once you get going.

Myths Associated With Web Design and SEO

There are a lot of myths that you will find online. Every single subject has someone talking about conspiracies and points of view that are just not going to help you get anywhere. When it comes to information technology, a lot of different myths abound in every instance of the term. Not only that, you will find that web design and seo together pose a lot of issues when you start to weigh them out properly. The problems become a matter of conjecture, and more importantly, they become the basis for mistakes that people make when it comes to design flow. If you find yourself using any of the above ideas for your pages, you will end up losing out. The first thing that you need to know is that you shouldn’t believe everything you read about these two elements online. The following are things that you should avoid as they are proven wrong time and time again.

Masking Keywords With Color

 Myths Associated With Web Design and SEOFor design purposes, you will need to select a background color. Let’s assume that it’s black. You’ve decided to put a black background for your website and you’ve filled out the right areas moving forward. You’ve done well here but then comes to mind seo management. Some people claim that if you stuff keywords into the bottom of your page and repeat them several times, but change the color to reflect the background, you will get a lot of optimization. To the naked eye nothing will be shown as the text will blend into the background and you’ll continue along. However, for search engines, they’ll see the text and then rank you higher, in theory. Unfortunately this doesn’t work. Search engine algorithms have changed and will penalize you for this solution.

Fastest Loading Means No “Content”

For some people, loading times are everything. That’s why many designers choose the minimalist approach for their pages. Not only will they visit URL with nothing on them but text, but they’ll do so in hopes of ranking higher and then placing text links to add intrinsic value. Faster loading times does mean that you can get more traffic, but at the same time, the end user may not find your pages appealing. Web design and seo come together here and it’s not going to help you gain market share if the end user doesn’t care for your design elements. If you have a business, and you go with the absolute minimum, without images or content of any kind, then you will find that your traffic can fail over time. Faster loading doesn’t mean you delete your content, instead, focus on optimal placement and code.

Images Can Be Used To Gain Rank

Images are great to have on your page, but do not assume that you will be able to create image galleries that are going to cause you a lot of greatness with keyword stuffing. People stuff image codes with a lot of keywords and place the alt tags, title tags, and many areas with a lot of different elements. Images can gain you rank, but if the image is not going to lead people to come to your page then it’s for nothing. Not only that, images should serve to complement your site and not become the only element that you push. It’s easy to get caught up with this in the wrong manner.

In the end, the above myths are something that you should know ahead of working with seo. Web design is something that can be nuanced and utilized to create a compelling image for your brand and business, but just remember that it takes time to really move forward with the elements that lead to ranking within search engines.